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A Letter
from the CEO

Dear friends:

I am pleased to introduce you to Great River Hydro (GRH). 

GRH is by far New England’s largest producer of conventional hydropower, using the power of flowing water to generate electricity.  Every year, our facilities on the Connecticut and Deerfield Rivers in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts produce enough renewable, carbon-free electricity to power 213,000 homes throughout the region.  Great River Hydro’s 13 generating stations and 3 storage-only reservoirs have been providing critical energy services to New England for over 100 years.  GRH’s hydropower projects have unique capabilities and operational flexibility such that these resources will continue to play a vital role in the transition to a more carbon-conscious energy supply into the future. 

Though I am proud of the role that Great River Hydro plays in New England’s current and future energy supply, I am even more gratified by how we provide this service to the region.  First and foremost are our people.  With over 100 highly skilled professionals and numerous local contractors working on behalf of GRH, our safety conscious culture drives our reliable delivery of energy.  Great River Hydro’s nearly 30,000 acres of conserved lands and reservoirs offer a multitude of recreational opportunities that further support local economies, and we directly support local communities both through property tax revenue and through charitable contributions to local organizations.  Renewable power from New England for New England means much more than electricity alone. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Great River Hydro. 

Best regards,
Scott D. Hall, President and CEO 

Workplace and Public Safety

In the Workplace

Delivering reliable, renewable hydropower depends upon the safety of our workforce who operate and maintain the complex equipment and infrastructure at our facilities.  Robust safety training, procedures, and protocols protect our most important asset:  our employees.  Our Health, Safety, and Environmental staff are wholly focused on protecting our people, and we have multi-disciplinary teams who are constantly reviewing our workplace environment and processes to assure they are safe. 

Public Safety

Hydropower’s use of public waterways creates a unique relationship with the public compared to other power generators that simply put a tall fence up around their power plants to keep the public out.  With hydropower, power generation and public recreation are close companions.  Maintaining public safety around our dams and hydropower generating stations is of critical importance, and public safety is always the first consideration in operational decisions. As with workplace safety, we train, plan, and constantly review and revise our procedures and safety protocols to protect residents, boaters, fishermen, and others who enjoy the recreation opportunities the rivers provide.  We coordinate closely with public agencies and first responders, we have developed state-of-the-art tools to assist with public safety emergencies, and we conduct regular drills with those partners to assure our preparedness to respond should an emergency arise.


Great River Hydro’s facilities are critical to the reliability of our regional power grid and to the safety of our neighbors down river.  Our physical and cyber security measures are built to protect against twenty-first century threats with twenty-first century technologies, and our people are trained and supported to continually test and improve all security measures.


Great River Hydro is proud of its record for compliance with state and federal regulatory agencies that oversee health, safety, and environmental quality of our facilities, our people, and the public we serve.

Careers at Great River Hydro

Great River Hydro’s workforce is locally based at our facilities and support sites throughout the region.  Careers at Great River Hydro are supported by robust training and safety programs, along with a full benefits package, including health, dental, and vision insurances, a match on retirement contributions, and generous paid time off including vacation, sick and personal time. We post our job openings internally and within our local communities.  We are proud of our employee retention, with numerous current employees having decades of individual service at these facilities.

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Employee Engagement

Great River Hydro employees can direct company contributions to community organization and causes that are most important to them. Examples include: uniform and equipment purchases for youth sport teams, contributions to parent-teacher organizations, and donations to Toys for Tots during the holidays.

In 2019, Great River Hydro employees continued their holiday tradition of supporting the local Toys for Tots campaign in White River Junction, Vermont. Employees joined together to donate a total of 71 toys, $167 in cash, $80 in gift cards, $750 in personal checks, and $2,250 in Employee Engagement support towards this deserving cause.

Toys for Tots2

Community Investment

Great River Hydro donates tens of thousands of dollars annually to sponsor events, programs, and organizations in our communities. Examples include: The Vermont Center for Ecostudies, The New Hampshire Lakes Association, and The Nature Museum at Grafton.

The Nature Museum at Grafton staffs the Visitor Center at GRH's Bellows Falls station, providing interpretive services to guests and a traveling program that brings those services to local libraries

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