Second Connecticut Lake Storage Facility

Second Connecticut Lake is located at the headwaters of the Connecticut River in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, and is managed as part of the Connecticut Lakes. The Connecticut Lakes are not directly related to a specific hydropower facility, but rather are operated to provide supplemental seasonal flows downstream.

  • 1,272-acre, 3-mile long reservoir at 1,869.5 feet above sea level
  • 11.5 feet of useable storage managed seasonally
  • Entire undeveloped shoreline owned by Great River Hydro and protected by conservation easement

Available Recreation Activities

Second Connecticut Lake has a large recreation area located on the westerly shoreline. It includes picnic facilities and a concrete boat ramp popular with paddlers and anglers. The downstream reach of river offers world-class fly fishing and Cohos Trail access to the Falls in the River, a popular destination for hikers. For more detailed recreation information and maps, please click here.

Great River Hydro’s recreation facilities are open to the public on a day-use basis only, from one half-hour before sunrise to one half-hour after sunset.  Please click here for a complete list of rules.

Water Level

River flows can vary throughout the day below Great River Hydro’s dams. Check Waterline for current levels and flow forecasts.

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Second Connecticut Lake